Traffic is a refereed interdisciplinary postgraduate journal published by the GSA until 2014. It has been replaced by The Graduate.

The journal showcased the best of Melbourne University's postgraduate community research, and provided a forum for graduate students to present their work in an engaging and interesting style to a broader audience beyond their departmental peers. Through publishing a diverse range of postgraduate research, Traffic sought to facilitate a sense of cohesiveness in the postgraduate community and to counter its fragmentation.

The journal was refereed (using a double "blind" peer review process), so counted for valuable "publication points" when applying for jobs, scholarships or grants. It is also licensed by Gale Cengage databases, meaning that scholars worldwide can access and cite articles published in Traffic. 

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Issue 13: "Refresh: Revive, Revisit, Revolt"

Originality is relative. Very little research happens in a vacuum, so changes are any research draws on that of others. In this edition of Traffic our authors revisit theories, hypotheses and arguments, revolt against current practices and premises and revive their findings to produce highly original results.

Traffic Anthology 2002-2012

This anthology includes articles from former graduate students whose disciplines include Botany, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Geomatics, History, Anthropology, Music, French Studies and Nursing. For all of their differences in subject, the articles in this anthology share a common thread. Each one played a part in developing the writers, artists, historians, researchers, lecturers, teachers and software engineers that these graduate students have become.