GSA is governed by fifteen graduate students, elected by the graduate student body. Find out how it all works.


GSA Council is formed by fifteen graduate students who are elected by the graduate student body. Elections to form GSA Council are held annually. 

Office Bearers focus on specific issues or groups such as international students, women, LGBTIQ students and students with families. After an election is held to form GSA Council, the elected Councillors may stand and vote upon Office Bearer positions.

Election Regulations

You can view or download our 2016 Election Regulations below.

2016 Election Regulations (PDF)

How do I become a Councillor?


Any currently enrolled graduate student at the University of Melbourne may stand in the GSA Council elections. This includes all students enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate certificate, graduate or postgraduate diploma, master’s degree (coursework and research), PhD and other doctoral students.​


Elections are held annually for both Council and Office Bearer positions. When an election is called, a Notice of Election will be given publicly across the University, in online and offline formats. Any eligible graduate student who wishes to become a Councillor may then formally nominate by filling out a nomination form and sending it to the Returning Officer.



After the nomination period has closed, the voting period will commence. All elections are conducted by secret ballot. 

More information about nominating and voting can be found in the Election Regulations



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